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The Day After

The night was dark and she was walking on her own. The concert had been great, but none of her friends liked the band. She had met a nice guy at the concert, but he was too drunk to trust him on her way home.  She was tired because she had been dancing all night. The guy she had met loved dancing too. As she was walking home she could only think about the blonde guy in his tight jeans and t-shirt.

Next morning, she rang Joe, but he had a hangover and could not remember anything. She called a taxi to go and see him. When the taxi stopped, Joe saw her and ran away. Lisa asked the driver to go after him. The driver started to speed on the road and a few moments later, the taxi crashed against a wall.

When Lisa woke up in hospital, she saw Joe’s face looking at her. The next thing she remembers is the best kiss in history.


[This story was written by Santiago, Hugo, Antía, Alba, Jorge, Assil, Steven, Olga & Naím]

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Birthday party


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Daily adventures


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Stop Bullying


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Aron’s Work


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Climate change

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Amy Winehouse


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We are not made of glass


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