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We remain united

The sun started to hide behind the mountains and the villagers were going to their homes, to their families. It had been a long working day and now they needed to rest for doing better the next day. Because their lives were limited to that: hardwork and rest.

There’s no time to look at the flowers without reason; there’s no time to sing and dance like in those old times; there’s no time for anything: the war has begun. The blacksmiths are forging swords, axes and spears instead of horseshoes; the farmers are preparing their things to escape from the massacre; the mothers are giving the last kisses to their sons. And now you are on the battleground, fighting for a lot of things. For your parents, because they taught you the value of the family and the love; for your friends that they have followed you in the worst moments. For all the people who have helped you. And now you’re holding your sword with courage and confidence, not with fear and dread. You have prepared for this all your entire life. You would give your soul for your nation’s goal. Because that is what a soldier will do. And if you dont, you’re a coward. But, when you’re alone, you can only think in one thing:

Why am I doing this all?

Why I am killing all those guiltless people?

When am I going to see my family and friends again?

But that’s only a foolishness, a farce. You don’t have to think about that, you have to think in your country. You only have to care about you and your nation. The others don’t deserve your heed. Because although we remain united, divided we fall. Now pray and give your last words, and that’s not a suggestion, it’s an order.


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The Day After

The night was dark and she was walking on her own. The concert had been great, but none of her friends liked the band. She had met a nice guy at the concert, but he was too drunk to trust him on her way home.  She was tired because she had been dancing all night. The guy she had met loved dancing too. As she was walking home she could only think about the blonde guy in his tight jeans and t-shirt.

Next morning, she rang Joe, but he had a hangover and could not remember anything. She called a taxi to go and see him. When the taxi stopped, Joe saw her and ran away. Lisa asked the driver to go after him. The driver started to speed on the road and a few moments later, the taxi crashed against a wall.

When Lisa woke up in hospital, she saw Joe’s face looking at her. The next thing she remembers is the best kiss in history.


[This story was written by Santiago, Hugo, Antía, Alba, Jorge, Assil, Steven, Olga & Naím]

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Birthday party


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Daily adventures


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Stop Bullying


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Aron’s Work


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Climate change

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Amy Winehouse


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