Posted by: nicol0815 | 07/05/2019

My favourite place Nagua

What can you do?

You can play skate, you can play outside.

What can you see?

You can meet people.

You can see Punto de Duarte, the highest place in the Dominican Republic.

What can you eat?

You can eat snakes.

You can have pica pollo. It’s made of flour, chicken, vinegar…

You can eat avocado.

You can eat habichuelas con dulce. Beans, milk, sweet potato, raisins, milk biscuits…

What can you hear

You can listen to Reggaeton

You can listen and dance Bachata

You can listen to merengue

You can listen to salsa fiesta de palo, you dance this on St. John’s Eve by bonfires.


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