Posted by: nayelisba15 | 30/04/2019

My favourite place: Guayaquil

What can you do?

In carnival you can go outside and enjoy the rain.

You can skate.

You can play football on the street.

What can you see?

You can see and walk around 9 October Boulevard.

You can see Las Peñas quarter (you can walk up 444 steps to Las Penas, from where you can see the city).

You can see Malecon 2000.

What can you eat?

You can eat rice with fish and patacones, fried green bananas (served with lemon).

You can eat ceviche with shrimps.

You can eat encebollado, a typical fish soup with onion, coriander, rice, and other things)

You can eat chicken dry (rice with chicken and crushed vegetables).


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