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Eating disorders

Eating disorders are mental disorders that make us change our eating habits negatively. They affect our physical or mental health. A person with an eating disorder is obssesed about their weight and figure.

There are many types of this disorder:

•Anorexia nervosa: when you have a low weight and usually you see yourself fat when you aren’t, you exercise more than you need, maybe you don’t eat or just a little, you force yourself to vomit…

•Bulimia: when you eat a lot and then you vomit or have a laxative not to get fat.

•Binge eating disorder (BED): you have the necessity of eating a lot.

•Muscle dysmorphia: you feel that your body it’s too skinny and too small, and you’re worried about it.

Usually, they are caused by the idea of society of the perfect body is a very thin body, but it could be associated with a genetic cause or an incident that changes your life. It also happens because of stress, anxiety, depression, psychologic problems…

Some signs to know if you have it, are: missing meals, thinking that you’re fat when you have a normal weight, weakness, fatigue…

At the treatment, a very important thing are family and doctors support, and it can take a long time. It could be at the hospital, a treatment in group or others.


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Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is a famous writer. Her true name is Judith Rumelt. She was born in Teheran, Iran. Her parents are American, and when she was ten years old she lived in many countries, for example, France, England and Switzerland. As her family moved so much, she found a home in books. When she was in Los Angeles in her high school she wrote some stories to entertain her friends, including a novel called “The Beatiful Cassandra”, based on a Jane Austen story of the same name. This story gave her the name she uses for her books. After university she lived in many countries like Los Angeles and New York, where she worked in many entertainement magazines. She’s a New York Times best-seller autor of the saga “Shadowhunters and the inmortal instruments”. Cassandra has written nine books about the Shadowhunters world. These books are distributed in a saga of six books (The Mortal Instruments) and in a triology (The Infernal Devices). The first book of the Shadowhunters world is City of Bones, and this book has got  a film.


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Bullying is when someone disturbs other people all the time. Girls and boys can be bullies, and they do it with children that are smaller, shy or feel more helpless than them.

Bullying can be:

  • Physical, when the bully hits, kicks or pushes the victim.
  • Verbal, when the bully insults the victim.
  • Social, when the bully excludes the victim from activities.

It happens, normally at schools, when there aren’t any teachers or old people seeing what’s happening; and through messages or social webs, when the victim can receive nasty notes, or the bully can start a bad rumor.

Depending on the age, bullying is more intensive or less. By the age of 10, it stays in a 2.4%, and it grows to a 8.2% on children 16 years old.

The children in England are more bullied than children in other countries like Spain, Norway, Germany or South Korea.

The word “bully” was first used in the 1530s meaning “sweetheart”  from the Dutch boel “brother, lover”,  probably the diminutive of Middle High German buole “brother” of uncertain origin.

People think that bullying increases the risk of suicide. Actually, depression is one of the reasons why teens and children do it.


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Thanksgiving is a holiday in United States and Canada. It’s celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and of the second Monday of October, and the people give thanks for what they have. At Thanksgiving, the President of the United States receives a gift of a live turkey.

People get a special meal, and the meal includes a turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin pie and vegetables. Thanksgiving Day has been an annual holiday in the United States since 1863.

Why do Americans eat turkey on Thaksgiving Day? Pilgrim Edward Winslow wrote a letter about this now famous meal in 1621 which mentioned this meal before the dinner, and this is the answer.

Traditional foods are a large part of Thanksgiving celebrations, one of popular traditions on Thanksgiving is watching NFL football on TV.

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When you’re eating chocolate… why do you like it? You think the simple answer is the taste, but do you now know that there is much more than this?

Chocolate itself derived from the fruit of the Cocoa tree. The tree’s botanical name is Theobroma cacao, which literally means: ”food of the Gods”.

We love chocolate because it is good, it tastes good and it also smells good. We feel good when we eat it. Eating chocolate and letting it dissolve slowly in your mouth produces the same brain activity as giving a passionate kiss (at least that’s what a recent study says). Chocolate is known to be a mild mood elevator, stimulating brainwaves and pushing your stress levels down. When your stress levels lower, you become more relaxed which in turn is beneficial to your health.

Remember though that there are some negative effects on your body, don’t consume it often, there are generally high levels of sugar in chocolates, and other ingredients that are added. Too much sugar will result in extra calories and fat which can lead to higher cholesterol if you don’t regularly exercise.

Now that you know these little things, eat chocolate and enjoy it, but take care, don’t eat a lot!


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Do Ants Sleep?

Ants are very interesting insects. Many people think ants don’t sleep. This is false. Ants don’t sleep like humans. In periods their brain activity and body fuctions slow down. People think ants don’t sleep because some part of the colony are working everyday and individual ants are sleeping. The ants are very inactive in cold temperatures and hibernate in winter.  Ants don’t dream. In the investigation by James and Cottel (1983) the ants slept eight minutes in a 12 hour period.  Queen ants sleep nine hours every day. The workers sleep half that time taking hundred of shorts naps. Worker ants are awake at any time to protect the colony.  A worker ant would take 250 naps, each one during one minute.  Eventually worker ants sleep 4 hours and 48 minutes every day. Queens sleep at more regular periods than their subjects.


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Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea, with more than 10,01 million people (about a quarter of the total national population). Seoul has been the capital of Korea for about 600 years since the time of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

The Han River divides it in two parts: the northern part (Gangbuk) of the city is a focal point for culture and history, southern part (Gangnam) is well known for its business district. Seoul is a city of contrasts, from ancient palaces with centuries of history to skyscrapers of steel and glass. Seoul is a place where the old and new exist in harmony.

Anyway Seoul can be a very noisy place to live, people are constantly on the streets and police sirens, ambulances, fire trucks… can be heard the 24h of the day. And don’t miss to say that Seoul has the highest pollution levels in the country.


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Table Tennis

Table tennis or ping pong is a sport in which two or four players play. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. Except for the initial serve, players must throw ball with a special racket towards their oponents. Only one bounce on their side of the table is allowed and they must return the ball within the rules.

Points are scored when a player fails, for example, if there are more than two bounces or if it goes out of the table.

Spinning the ball alters its trayectory and limits the opponent’s options, giving the hitter a great advantage. When doing so the hitter has a better chance of scoring if the spin is successful.

Ping pong has been an Olympic sport sice 1988, with several event categories. In particular, from 1988 until 2004, these were: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles. Since 2008, a team event has been played instead of the doubles.

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Vaadhoo island

Vadhoo is one of the inhabited island in Maldives. It’s next to Male and the airport. This group of islands attract people from all over the world to spend some unforgettable time there. There isn’t a perfect time to go to Vadhoo island: the weather in Maldives is good all year around.

There is a beach in Vaadhoo island which is incredible and amazing. It’s famous all over the world for its “sea of stars”, which is a rare natural phenomenon. Every night, this beach shines in the dark because there are some microscopic organisms called plancton which do this. This blue light is a defense mechanism for these marine organisms. John Woodland Hastings, of Harvard University, was the first person who discovered this special plancton. This beach is one of the best places to relax: the species create the most romantic natural lightning in the world. If you want to see this scenary, you have to go in the evening.


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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a European country. The United Kingdom was formed on January 1, 1801. Most people in the UK speak English. There are five more native languages. They are Welsh in Wales, Gaelic and Scots in Scotland and Northern Ireland, Irish in Northern Ireland, and Cornish in Cornwall.

The UK is made up of three different countries: Wales, England and Scotland and one province Northern Island. Around 65 million people live in the UK.

It’s been a member of European Union since 1973, but British people use Great Britain pound.

If you go to London you can visit: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace and Big Ben, London Eye and Madame Tussauds London. If you prefer walking you can see Hyde Park, St. James’s Park and Regent’s Park.

In the UK you can see Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire or you can go to Roman Baths, a site of historical interest.

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