Posted by: pink0498 | 12/12/2014

Madame Louisan

New Hat is much smaller than London and it’s a very cold place. Madame Louisan is living in New Hat and she is simple, free and  the most beautiful woman in the place. The people in New Hat call her Madame because she killed her husband. All the people in New Hat are afraid of Madame Louisan, but for John Carteon.  John Carteon has lived in the town since 2005 and he is the only pilot in the small town, New Hat. John met Louisan on his trips around the UK. Louisan was born in London and she lived in London for twenty years.

John has been in love with Madame for many years, but she doesn’t know. He doesn’t believe the people in town. He knows that Louisan is a different girl. Louisan didn’t kill her husband, she is unable to do something of the kind. Why should the people in town say that she killed her husband. It isn’t a true history.

Madame loved her husband. She didn’t kill him, but the people don’t know her.

…to be continued




  1. If she killed her husband the story is a little bit gruesome.

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