Posted by: rachelrodriguez04 | 08/12/2018

Why me? 4

So, now the question is: How did my life finish like that? I have been thinking that for many years, the truth is that actually I do not find an answer, but I have a vague idea of this.

As I said, I tried to commit suicide a few months ago, I am not sure exactly when, I think I was sixteen. And why I tried that? I do not know, I tried to convince myself that it was because I was suffering in my old life or maybe because I felt alone, but the truth is more complex. I am not saying that people treat me fine, they were bad with me, but in the deeper part of myself I know that I tried to commit suicide for another reason.

Everyday, I wonder which this reason was. Diamond has helped me so much in this aspect, he is a good person, too much. Sometimes I think that I do not deserve him but other times I think that he is not so good, and this makes me a mistrustful person.

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