Posted by: luciaalopezzz | 15/11/2018

The Noise

I didn’t have to go to school until half past eight but that noise made me wake up. I didn’t know how my sister could keep sleeping with that horrible noise, even my dog Runny didn’t wake up, and my dog always barks when he hears a small noise. It sounded like somebody shouting. I later thought it was just my imagination but when I went to the kitchen, I heard that sound again. I started to get scared because somebody could be in danger. I ignored that sound again thinking it was any sound coming from the street or any other thing, but when I heard the noise again I run up to pick my phone and call my parents, something was going bad…


  1. it seems interesting

  2. I really like this start because I have a growing passion for this type of stories. I think it will be a pleasure to write it. I LOVE MYSTERY

  3. I like this story because is a scary story and I like this type of stories

  4. This is a bit boring

  5. I like this start because it is interesting to continue the story.

  6. It’s a very common story.

  7. I like your story because it is a good idea, but I think it is very classic because I heard other stories like yours. I want to read more because I think the story could turn interesting.

  8. I don’t like the story because I think that a person when he hears screams should already be worried from the begining.

  9. This is good because your story is very long

  10. I like because is a too good idea, but i heard other Story like yours. And I need to read more.

  11. I just want to know what went wrong.


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