Posted by: luisCorral | 15/11/2018

The Mysterious Oven

I returned home from my job, it was on Wednesday. When I went to the kitchen to cook my dinner I saw my oven open, it was very unusual, I closed it. I had dinner and I went to bed. The next morning, I went to the kitchen too, to have breakfast, and I saw the oven, it was open! I approached to the oven and I saw a hand. Excited I ran out the house and I looked into the window, I saw the oven, it was open and turned on, the hand was going out…


  1. The start looks good but I am not really keen on horror stories so I will not like to write one

  2. Your story it’s so interesting i liked

  3. I like this story, because it´s different.

  4. i like this story because is intriguing and original.


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