Posted by: fabiaanrodrigueez | 15/11/2018


The world has changed, bombs have destroyed all the surface. There is a lot of radiation in the world, now people live in diferent refuges to protect their lives from the radioactive threat. Just some brave people come out to the surface to find food, ammo, guns, and a lot of resources. Their lives are very very hard at present. My name is Frank, a worker and owner of the barber’s in refuge 76. A team of explorers left 3 days ago and have not come back yet. The boss of the refuge has sent the best soldiers in the refuge, the skull troopers, and I am in this team, god knows what will happen to me.


  1. I like your storir because it is different of the others, you don’t write about love or scary stories, it is original

  2. I love the start. I think it will be pretty interesting writting this story. I will never get tired of this type of series or films.

  3. I like this story because it is interesting and original.

  4. it can be a good story to continue.

  5. It´s a good story and a good start.

  6. I don’t like the beginning of this story

  7. It is very interesting and original

  8. I like this story because I think it’s original, it’s easy to continue and that could hapen in a lot of years.

  9. I like because is too original,

  10. I do not like your story. It seems like some others. But I think that you can do a good story.

  11. and interesting


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