Posted by: valentinago19 | 15/11/2018

A Love Story

Dear diary: Today was a strange day, I met a girl in my ballet class, she is from Italy, she is so beatiful and so funny, but sometimes she gets angry too fast. Her name is Georgina, she is so so talented… I LOVE HER <3, but she has a boyfriend and I don’t think that she will get interested in me. The way that we met was very funny because we bumped into each other.

  • Sorry, it was my fault. My name is Georgina
  • No problem. My name is Grace…


  1. I really like your story because it is original.

  2. The start isn’t very interesting but I will like to know how this love story will end. I think it will be better if you added more dialogue.

  3. Another story of love…..

  4. I don´t like this story because I don´t like the love stories.

  5. I don’t think it’s an easy story to continue

  6. I think it’s an original story. I like it.

  7. The story is original but I don´t like these stories.

  8. This is good because the story is original and interesting

  9. I don’t like the story because I think the love stories are boring, and this story isn’t interesting.

  10. Your start is not very interesting but I think your story could improve. By the way, I like the seen point (you tell your story in a diary) because it makes me remember a TV programme that I like so much.

  11. I loved your story, because is cute, but is too cliche.


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