Posted by: danelneg | 22/02/2017

Reasons why travel makes you a happier person

Travelling is an interesting activity that can be experimented by almost everyone and that can make you feel happier. Lots of people say that, and Anna Alapatt, in her blog, gives some reasons why travel can be the solution to scape from the stressfull life and daily rutine.

First of all, she has realised by travelling that money doesn’t have the importance that our society gives to it by travelling. In relation to that, she confirmes that we are too worried about studies, work, having a good salary… and we don’t appreciate important things. For example one of those things is our family. She says that we realize that we are very lucky to have our family while travelling and when we are alone.

Another reason she gives, is that we learn other cultures meeting new people, thing that allows you to have a global vision of the world and see how interconnected humans are. Because of this, travelling helps you meet new friends, a thing that is always heartwarming and interesting.

To finish, she also explains that the best of experiencing a trip is that always  unexpected things happen, that can become  one of the best parts of the trip because of the surprise effect. She also mentions the importance of having time to relax in the trip. She says that we should disconnect from the real life and problems, and one method, can be to turn off our mobile phones and begin to enjoy each present moment.


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