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Os Ancares

Os Ancares is an area  of mountains which has the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation. This area runs across two regions: Galiza and Castilla-León. In Os Ancares you will find streams and small waterfalls, as well as tiny villagess, medieval castles  and churches, celtic “castros” (forts), traditional dwellings such as the “pallozas” (thatched cottages). The best starting place in Galicia to explore Os Ancares is at the village of Becerreá, an alternative is to head for Pedrafita do Cebreiro further to the south-east which is on the Camiño de Santiago. In San Román of Cervantes you can see the “pallozas”, if you continue to A Ponte de Doiras you find a castle that has a legend. Following the way we reach Degrada an Campa da Braña. There you can can observe mountains of Tres Bispos and continuing the way you find O Albergue. Then we arrive in Piornedo, 10 kilometres from Degrada to see one of the sights of Os Ancares which is one of the most emblematic features-a whole settlement of “pallozas”. Os Ancares is one of the most interesting places on the nature and the history of the peoples.


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