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Glenn Cooper

Louis Fabian Bachrach, Glenn Cooper, CC BY-SA

Louis Fabian Bachrach, Glenn Cooper, CC BY-SA

Glenn Cooper was born in America in January 1953. He is one of the most famous author of thriller, adventure, mystery, conspiracy and historical thriller narrative.

He studied in Harvard University and in Tufts University School of Medicine.

He has written books like The Library of the Dead, The Book of Souls and The Keepers of the Library, his most famous trilogy, and the books will be adapted to television by Pioneer Pictures.

Glenn Cooper began writing over 20 years ago. He wrote his first novel The Library of the Dead, published on 2009, based on the discovery of a library which contains books that have the names, the dates in which people were born and the date of their deaths. While Will Piper, a policeman, searches a murderer called Doomsday Killer who killed six victims in two weeks and all that connects them is that each one received a postcard that announced the date of the death, in the mail before they died.

Glenn Cooper wrote The Tenth Chamber published on 2010, his first autoconclusive novel based on the discovery of a medieval script hidden behind an antique bookcase.


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