Posted by: amairgin | 30/01/2017

The True Story about Mike (part 1)

I was coming back home from the library when I saw Mike going into the school building. It was seven o’clock in the evening and only the cleaners were supposed to be working there. Mike was a strange man and some people said he lived in the school. No matter what time of the day you came in the school, he was there, working. He was, in that sense, a very popular man, because everyone at school talked about him. Stories were told that he would never sleep, but correct pupils notebooks and prepare lessons for the next day. But not all the stories were true. Mike was a more common man than you would think at first sight.

Mike was a man who liked soccer and saw all matches at the school thanks to the School WiFi Internet connection. He would visit a popular site for soccer and there, he would watch matches at any time of the day, and just for free.

Clearly, he had priorities, his priority was Clyde FC, an old Scottish club in the second division. His best friend at the school was a teacher of English, Alf. I was told they used to watch the matches and eat popcorn together.

Mike was a great fan of Clyde F.C., and when he had a chance, he travelled to Scotland to see his team. He sometimes played football videos in class to the students, because he hated being a teacher… Mike’s dream was to become Clyde F.C. trainer, so he knew everything about football and about his team. Only his friend Alf knew his true story, because Mike was embarrased by the other teachers. To tell you the truth, Alf was an enthusiastic fan of Partick Thistle, the eternal rival of Clyde FC…


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