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Eating disorders

Eating disorders are mental disorders that make us change our eating habits negatively. They affect our physical or mental health. A person with an eating disorder is obssesed about their weight and figure.

There are many types of this disorder:

•Anorexia nervosa: when you have a low weight and usually you see yourself fat when you aren’t, you exercise more than you need, maybe you don’t eat or just a little, you force yourself to vomit…

•Bulimia: when you eat a lot and then you vomit or have a laxative not to get fat.

•Binge eating disorder (BED): you have the necessity of eating a lot.

•Muscle dysmorphia: you feel that your body it’s too skinny and too small, and you’re worried about it.

Usually, they are caused by the idea of society of the perfect body is a very thin body, but it could be associated with a genetic cause or an incident that changes your life. It also happens because of stress, anxiety, depression, psychologic problems…

Some signs to know if you have it, are: missing meals, thinking that you’re fat when you have a normal weight, weakness, fatigue…

At the treatment, a very important thing are family and doctors support, and it can take a long time. It could be at the hospital, a treatment in group or others.


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