Posted by: evaacampo | 24/02/2016

Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is a famous writer. Her true name is Judith Rumelt. She was born in Teheran, Iran. Her parents are American, and when she was ten years old she lived in many countries, for example, France, England and Switzerland. As her family moved so much, she found a home in books. When she was in Los Angeles in her high school she wrote some stories to entertain her friends, including a novel called “The Beatiful Cassandra”, based on a Jane Austen story of the same name. This story gave her the name she uses for her books. After university she lived in many countries like Los Angeles and New York, where she worked in many entertainement magazines. She’s a New York Times best-seller autor of the saga “Shadowhunters and the inmortal instruments”. Cassandra has written nine books about the Shadowhunters world. These books are distributed in a saga of six books (The Mortal Instruments) and in a triology (The Infernal Devices). The first book of the Shadowhunters world is City of Bones, and this book has got  a film.


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