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When you’re eating chocolate… why do you like it? You think the simple answer is the taste, but do you now know that there is much more than this?

Chocolate itself derived from the fruit of the Cocoa tree. The tree’s botanical name is Theobroma cacao, which literally means: ”food of the Gods”.

We love chocolate because it is good, it tastes good and it also smells good. We feel good when we eat it. Eating chocolate and letting it dissolve slowly in your mouth produces the same brain activity as giving a passionate kiss (at least that’s what a recent study says). Chocolate is known to be a mild mood elevator, stimulating brainwaves and pushing your stress levels down. When your stress levels lower, you become more relaxed which in turn is beneficial to your health.

Remember though that there are some negative effects on your body, don’t consume it often, there are generally high levels of sugar in chocolates, and other ingredients that are added. Too much sugar will result in extra calories and fat which can lead to higher cholesterol if you don’t regularly exercise.

Now that you know these little things, eat chocolate and enjoy it, but take care, don’t eat a lot!


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