Posted by: evaacampo | 29/01/2016

Do Ants Sleep?

Ants are very interesting insects. Many people think ants don’t sleep. This is false. Ants don’t sleep like humans. In periods their brain activity and body fuctions slow down. People think ants don’t sleep because some part of the colony are working everyday and individual ants are sleeping. The ants are very inactive in cold temperatures and hibernate in winter.  Ants don’t dream. In the investigation by James and Cottel (1983) the ants slept eight minutes in a 12 hour period.  Queen ants sleep nine hours every day. The workers sleep half that time taking hundred of shorts naps. Worker ants are awake at any time to protect the colony.  A worker ant would take 250 naps, each one during one minute.  Eventually worker ants sleep 4 hours and 48 minutes every day. Queens sleep at more regular periods than their subjects.


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