Posted by: Carlos2001 | 18/01/2016

5 Things We Cannot Live Without

Today I’m going to write about a few things we can’t live without based on the article by Rick Newman:

Portable computers: A lot of people need their computers to work, to play, to talk to other people or only to know what is happening at the moment.

Smart phones: People live with their smart phones like their arm. With your smart phone you can talk, send texts messages, take photos or listen to music. But 100 years ago people lived without smart phones not like in this century.

TV: A lot of people from all over the world is in front of the TV more than 18 hours a week! It looks incredible, but it’s true. Now with Smart TVs people don’t need their computers.

Pets: A lot of people like having a pet not to be alone. But for me it doesn’t matter to have or not to have a pet.

Coffee: A lot of people are addicted to coffee, as if it were a drug.


[1] R. Newman, “10 Things We Can’t Live Without – US News.” [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 18-Jan-2016].

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