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Grease, a classic musical

Grease is a very popular American romantic musical film. It’s a classic of film musicals and it was directed by Randal Kleiser in 1978. It’s based on a 1971 musical with the same name.

It’s about a romance between two teenagers in the 50s. They fall in love in summer, but then they meet again, when the girl (Sandy Olsson)  comes to his  high school. At first, he (Danny Zuko) acts indifferently to protect his cool reputation. So she changes and they finally end together.

It has a lot of songs, like Summer Nights, when the teenagers tell about their story; Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee, when the other girls make fun of the main character; and We Go Together, at the end of the film.

This musical has a second film, but it wasn’t very popular.

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