Posted by: anitavila95 | 11/11/2015

Why Do American People Love Peanut Butter?

The USA is the largest producer and consumer of peanut butter in the world, and the Americans spend about $800 million on peanut butter each year. The peanut butter isn’t bad, but in the supermarket, some of them aren’t healthy. Good peanut butter only has peanuts and salt, and the people use it like an alternative to sugar snacks. So today, peanut butter is an important part of the American diet, but…why?

In the United States,everyone ate peanuts because they are cheap and they have many proteins. Peanuts were brought to the United States with African slaves in the 1700s. In World War II, there wasn’t any meat for people, so someone decided to use the peanut butter as a source of protein, grinding peanuts into a cream.

The most popular and famous way to eat peanut butter is with jelly, in a sandwich. Everyone in the United States eat it like that, but there are other ways. You can prepare peanut butter cookies, pancakes or cakes.


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