Posted by: valentyna25 | 05/11/2015


The art has been present in the history from the start of humanity to today. The evolution of the art is very big. For example: the prehistoric cave paintings are simpler than “The Gioconda” from Leonardo Da Vinci. Some people think art is only painting or drawing but there are more types of art: music, sculptures, photos, theatre… At present art is very extensive, every day artists discover new types of expressions. Contemporary art is very crazy because it includes diferent styles and these styles aren’t usual. Music is another type of art and it has also progressed in the 21st century. Music is more varied today and the same thing happened with the cinema and the theatre. In other centuries it was more dificult and dangerous to express an opinion in art pieces.

In the past the artistic manifestations were used to represent: important people, diferent religious scenes, wars… In the present we use art to represented our opinions and feelings. In the end, art has changed very much and now it’s more interesting and variable.

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