Posted by: anitavila95 | 04/10/2015

Ana’s life

My name is Ana, and I’m thirteen years old. My birthday is on 30th September.

My hobbies are playing basketball and reading books. I think basketball is very interesting and I play it in a team called “Cidade de Lugo”. It makes me happy. I love reading books too, because there are wonderful stories, and I want to read them.

I like animals, and my favourite ones are the dog, the horse and the rabbit. I have a cat called Tinckerbell, who is eleven years old. She is very beautiful. Her hair is grey and her eyes are green.

My favourite sports are volleyball, athletics and basketball. I don’t like football so much, but I don’t hate it.

I like watching TV programs, like “The Whispers”, “Pretty Little Liars” and “Grimm”, and films like “The secret of Adaline” and “If I stay”. I like watching videos on Youtube about clothes and books.

My favourite singers are Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Pablo Alborán.

Physically, I have brown hair, brown eyes and brown skin. I’m short but my legs are long. I have a small nose and small lips.

Phychologically, I’m very nervous, but I’m hardworking.


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