Posted by: valentyna25 | 02/10/2015


My name is Valentyna Mulyk. I’m fourteen years old. I’ m from Ucraine, but I live in Lugo. I study at IES Xoán Montes.

I’m tall, but I’m not thin. I have brown short hair, but in the past I had long hair. I have brown eyes, a small nose and a big mouth. I’m clever, nice and funny. I love drawing and painting. I go to drawing lessons. I play tennis too, it’s my favourite sport. My favourite colour is candy apple red, because I think it is a very potent color. I like listening to music and I think it’s imposible to live without it. I don’t play any instrument, but I think it is interesting. This year I will take German lessons, because it’s an important language. I don’t like football, but I like basketball. My favourite tennis player is Djokovic and my favourite artist is Picasso.


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