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by XA

Skyrim is a role-playing videogame from ‘’The Elder Scrolls’’ series which can be played in third or first person. This means that you can either play from the point of view of the main character or from the point of view of other people in the game. It was developed and published by Bethesda in 2011.

Skyrim main story evolves around the character Dragon-Born, a hero who controls the power of voice, the power of dragons. Dovakhin -Dragon-Born- was born to defeat Alduin, the World-Eater, the most powerful dragon and the dragon king.

In Skyrim we have a lot of gods like the Nine Divines and the Daedric princes (daedra are like demons and the Daedric Princes are their gods).

Skyrim has a open world typical of the Elder Scrolls series. In this game you have two types of armors: light and heavy armors. Also you have three types of weapons: One handed weapons (swords, war axes and mazes), two handed weapons (large swords, battle axes and warhammers) and bows.

Skyrim has three DLC’s -expansions:

  • Dawnguard, related to vampires
  • Hearthfire. Here you can build a house and adopt children
  • Dragonborn, related to the power of voice and the daedric prince Hermaeus Mora.
IGNElder Scrolls V Skyrim: Official Gameplay TrailerStandard YouTube License

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