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I wouldn’t do that…. I was amazed at her proposal. I couldn’t believe her words. I had known her for so many years, and now…

We had been in silence for some minutes after her last words when I heard a dog bark. ‘I must leave’, I sadly said, and went out in the rain. I had no raincoat or umbrella, but I didn’t notice the rain or the cold breeze. Her words kept bumping inside my head.

I was crying, I couldn’t believe that she was going to live in New York. She had decided to live with her father.

The father was called John and he was a old man,  he was also addicted to alcohol.

When she was a child her father used to beat her mother. John wanted to stop drinking, so he went to New York. I was surprised because I didn’t think that my friend was going to live with John, as she hated John. She told me she had a grant to study there, but even so… I couldn’t believe it… and she wanted me to go with her…

Farewell day was coming and I couldn’t believe that I was not going to see her any more. I had told her I would not go with her.

The farewell was cold, she told me that her mother had died so she had to go to New York. I was very surprised because I didn’t think that she was telling me the truth and she had told me a different story before. I did not get the words, I was very sorry.

I accompanied my friend to the airport. When my friend went, I was more relaxed but all the situation kept bumping inside my head. I sent a lot of text messages that said ”I wish you luck.”

When I arrived home, I was thinking about the moments with her, these moments were unforgettable for me. She didn’t know that I liked her, and I couldn’t tell her. I knew that I had to begin a new life without her. The next day I went to the work, this day was perfect but I was thinking in her. She called me in the evening and I was very happy, she told me that she was very tired because the trip had been very long. I listened to her beautiful voice, but the phone call was short. Then I began a new day, I met my brother, we went to have a glass of beer. Then we went to the theme park, it was very funny.

Once there, we saw things rode attractions and cleared the mind. I was a little sad, he was telling me everything that had happened with a girl. He advised me and told me that the best thing for me was to tell her that I liked her. When my brother told me that, I was a few minutes in silence, thinking and mulling over the way I could tell her. When the time came to leave for home. I picked up the phone and called, but she did not answer. I tried again later and finally I had the chance to talk to her, but I had not the courage to tell anything.

… to be continued


  1. Very interesting! but I would like to know what she told him. Good story to be continued.

  2. It is a good story. The descriptions of the situation are very good. But I don’t like it very much.


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