Posted by: ranaamary | 07/04/2015

For the Job

Once upon a time a man was walking along the street and saw two men he didn’t know fighting about who of them would get the job. Then they flipped a coin, the one who lost pushed the other so that he could get there before and have the work. When he arrived he had to climb to the third floor to register, one of them went up on the lift and the other on the stairs. The first one would have the the job, the first to arrive was the one who climbed the stairs.

…to be continued



  1. They are a little bit stupid to fight for a job, aren’t they?

  2. The story is good but I want to know what happens with the other men.

  3. neregarcia13, haha, yes, they are stupid, but the job was so important.
    juangabrielcf99, thanks, I’m glad you liked it and we will see what happens with the men.

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