Posted by: deboraapa10 | 06/04/2015

The Bedroom

A woman, any woman, in a bedroom, a different one, with strange colours. The furniture is old, unusual, the major part of the furniture is broken. The woman is confused, without knowing how she has arrived to that place. She wants leave to the bedroom, but she is disoriented, she cannot find a door, or a window. The woman falls to the ground, tries to think how to leave that horrible place. In silence, she listens to a voice, an odd voice, that she had never listened to before in that place or another. She wishes that someone can rescue her. Time went by, she sleeps, after so much crying hopelessly, without solutions. And now? What will happen? She can’t stop crying and lamenting considering that.

And now…

…to be continued


  1. The story is enigmatic, but it is a usual story…, and why a woman?

  2. Nice story I like it.

  3. I hope that you like my story. Your question is interesting, I must say I never thought of that. A woman appears in my story because I usually imagine that I am the protagonist in my stories, that is why it is a woman. Thanks for your contribution in my story, yankeedc.

  4. Thanks danigandoy32, I’m happy you like my story. I hope that you also like the rest of my stories.


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