Posted by: natiiseoanee98 | 05/04/2015

Planet Story

In a far away planet, there was a freak that was called James, but he was known as Superpowers.

One day Superpower James went for a walk, he soon meet another freak, called Jeanine, but everybody knew her as Invincible. Superpowers James did not get on very well with invencible Jeanine, and looked at her to say: Get out of my way, unless you want me to destruct you with my Superpowers. Invencible Jeanine could not stop laughing like a drain. Invencible Jeanine told Superpower James it was time to go and live more time, he already knew what she was capable of doing, and if he wante to be left in one piece, he should go away, she gave him five minutes.

… to be continued



  1. I hope he can run away.

  2. Poor “Superpowers” James, he can’t do anything with “Invincible” Jeanine. If she wants to do something James must accept it.

  3. This story is typical of Marvel .

  4. Thank you. Hope that the story can continue to see how it finishes.

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