Posted by: brendaretazzi98 | 04/04/2015

Haunted House

Some children who were on holidays entered a strange house after one of them said:

– Don’t you dare enter this house? and they answered:

– And why do you tell us?, we will enter after you.

They other boy answered: ‘OK, I’ll enter, so you can see I’m not afraid’. When he entered the house, he saw that it was totally dark but the boy saw a switch and turned the lights on. When the light was lit he could see some skeletons and hideous corpses. It was all dusty and there was an open door where there was an abandoned dog. On the stairs which went down from the house there was a man trying to talk on his phone but he was so bad he had no strength to speak or to dial a number on the phone.  When the children saw the man…

…to be continued



  1. This isn’t a good story because it hasn’t got an introduction of the characters.

  2. This story has no sense at all.

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