Posted by: msalcastelo22 | 02/04/2015

My Family

My family are special because they are different from a typical family. My name is Britanny. I’m fifteen years old. I’m a student at school. I have got green eyes and a big nose. I’m very thin and tall. I haven’t got any sisters but I have six brothers. My mother is a teacher in my school and my father is a policeman in the street. My young brother is four years old. He is short and fat but my older brother is twenty years old. We live in a big flat in the city. We have got a dog. Its very small. There are many bedrooms in my flat but only one bathroom. It’s terrible! My best friend is Bill. He is very funny even though he hasn’t got powers. Last week I received a letter. Next month I will go to a special school for people with powers. In the past, my parents went to the same special school. I’m very scared, I won’t go to school the next month. My brothers didn’t go because they haven’t got powers. In my family I’m the only one to have powers.

…to be continued


  1. It is a good story but it doesn’t tell anything about the superpowers and why they have them.

  2. ONLY ONE BATHROOM?!?!?!?!?!?! But what is that? It is a catastrophe!!


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