Posted by: sheilalopesexposito | 01/04/2015

The Clown

Hello my name is Victoria. I’m sixteen years old.

My family and I moved to a new house in a new town. The town’s name is Sydeilan. My mother is a babysitter and her name is Caroline, she is forty years old. My  father is a nurse and his name is August, her is forty-one years old. The house is old and big, the house doesn’t give me good a feeling. In my bedroon I can see a painting. The painting is a horrible clown…

…to be continued


  1. This is a good story, but it goes too fast

  2. The painting of the clown is going to give place to a good story.

    • Thank you, if you like it, you can vote for this story.

  3. It’s a good story, and it’s false what “Flae7” says. Don’t worry.

    • Yankeedc, thank you for this comment. It cheers me up.

  4. It’s a good story. I want know what happens with the paint of the clown and the house.

    • Juan Gabriel, thank you, sorry you will have to wait.


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