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by Xosé Alfonso

Destiny is a  first person shooter videogame created by Bungie and Activision. It is a game based in the future. In a expedition to Mars humans find the Traveler. The Traveler is like a celestial body but it is very small and it makes miracles. There are several classes of players: Titan, Warlock and Hunter. I am a hunter.  Also there are several types of enemies:

The Fallen: the Dreg, the vandal, the captain, the shank, the servitor, the prime, the archon and the kell.

The Hives:The acolyte, the thrall, the wizard, the knight, the ogre, the cursed thrall and the shrieker.

The Vex: the goblin, the hobgoblin, the harpy, the minotaur, the Hydra and the clyclop.

The Cabal:the psion, the legionary, the centurion, the phalanx and the colosus.

I like Destiny because it is an open world and you can do anything that you like.


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