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Castle is an American crime drama television series. Castle premiered on March 9, 2009 on ABC. The series was created by Andrew W. Marlowe and  it’s produced by Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios. At present the series has seven seasons. This series narrates the lives of Richard Castle, a famous novelist, and Kate Beckett, a homicide detective. Castle has divorced twice and lives in an apartment with his daughter and his mom. He has killed off the main character in his book series and has writer’s block. The series begins when he is brought in by the NYPD for questioning about a murder based on his books. Castle is a friend of the mayor and uses his conection to work with Beckett. She doesn’t like the idea of working with him. She inspires him to create a new main character of his next book series, Nikki Heat. After a few days she recognizes that he is a good resource for police investigations.

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