Posted by: aguiarfederico | 08/03/2015

Bring Me The Horizon – Drown

Eighteen months after the creation of Sempiternal (their latest album) for which they won the award of the “Best Metal Album in the 3rd Annual Loudwire Music Awards”, Bring Me The Horizon, a British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, decided to launch a new single called “Drown” on October 21 of 2014.

This song was very strange for fans, because before this single, BMTH was a band characterized by the heavy breakdowns, the fast riffs, and of course the voice of the singer of the band, Oliver Sykes, who used to sing with a technique in screaming called “false-chord” which eventually damages the voice.

But this single compared to their other songs is very soft and the older fans who stayed with BMTH in their beggining don’t really like it. They say that now the band is commercial and plays music for money and not for fun as in the old times. Even so, other fans defend this song because its lyrics have a lot of meaning, even though musically it is very different from the type of music they used to play before.

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