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Music On Line 2. The Script

by XA


Hi. You are now listening to the radio program Music Online. This is the second program of three. I’m XA and I’m going to show you all three musicians and bands from the past that I like very much. The first musician is Aretha Franklin. Aretha Louisse Franklin “The queen of soul” was born on (the) twentyfifth (of) March, 1942 in Memphis, Tenessee. She began singing in her father’s church. She was married twice and she has had four children. This is one of her songs: Think. Think is in the OSB album of The Blues Brothers.
<Play Think>
Well, now we go on to the next band in our program. The second band is The Beatles.The Beatles were formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members are John Lennon (vocals and guitar), Paul McCartney (vocals and guitar), George Harrison (bass and vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums). It is a band from the past, so some of its member are no longer with us. On  8 December, 1980 Lennon was killed in New York, George Harrison died of metastatic lung cancer on 29 november 2001 . But some of them are still working: Paul McCartney wrote the song Hope the Future for the videogame Destiny last year and Ringo Starr has entered the Hall of Fame this year. This is one of their songs: Love me do.
<Play Love me Do>
Hope you’ve liked this beautiful song by The Beatles. And now we’ll deal with the third and final band: Queen. Queen is a band formed in London in 1970. The members were Freddie Mercury (vocals and piano), Brian May (guitar), John Deacon (bass guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums). On 25 November, 1991 Freddie died of HIV and the other members of the band continued until 1995. This is their principal song: WE WILL ROCK YOU.
Well this is the end of this program. Thank you for listening to me. Next term I’ll be here with some more music you’ll surely enjoy. Good bye and good luck!


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