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Steven Frayne is known as “Dynamo”. He was born on 17 December 1982 in Bradford, England. Dynamo made a really moving TV series called “Magician Impossible”.

Magicians never reveal their secrets, as Dynamo does. He discovers all his amazing tricks on the Internet.

On 25 December 2009, Dynamo appeared on the Soccer AM Christmas Special and performed magic for the show’s presenters. On 18 March 2011, Dynamo appeared in the BBC to raise money. On 25 June 2011, he was photographed and videotaped apparently walking on water.

In September 2011, he appeared on a TV sports program where he performed car tricks. And in 23 in October 2011, he announced that he had joined the magicians society the Magic Circle.

On 1 August 2013, Dynamo released an autobiography called “Nothing is Impossible.”

The second series of Dynamo had Wretch 32, Labrinth, Will Smith, Rio Ferdinand and others as guest stars.


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