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The apparition of AIDS

symptoms of acute HIV infection

Mikael Häggström Symptoms of acute HIV infection Public domain (All used images are in public domain.)

The acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a contagious disease caused by a human inmunodeficiency virus (HIV). This virus makes the inmunologic system unable, making the body vulnerable. It is trasmitted in sexual acts (incluided anal and oral sex), contaminated blood, contaminated hypodermic needles or from mother to child in prenancy.

Governments say the HIV appeared from monkeys, because they found a similar virus to HIV in one monkey in Africa. Scientists suspect humans were infected when one person ate monkey.
But other people think that it is a lie. I’ve read in some magazines that humans created AIDS. AIDS was created to be used in biological bombs, and this is repeated in other viruses (ebola, for example). According to this theory sciencists would have created this virus in a laboratory in Africa, and people from the savanna would have been used to try the virus. In the 70s, the investigators found dead bodies in abandonned laboratories. These corpses had a primitive AIDS.
Now, you, the reader, think about this and decide: what is truth?

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