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Ice Hotel

Ice hotel is a hotel made of snow and blocks of ice. It is a good experience because it is different from other hotels. The hotel depends on the temperature and the weather. There are ice hotels in different countries and different buildings. You can travel to ice hotels by plane, train, taxi, bus and car. The first Ice Hotel appeared in Canada. It was opened in 2001. There are eighty-five rooms. In the rooms there is a slepping-bag or ice bed. The other Ice Hotel in Canada is SnowVillage. There are thirty rooms. The Ice Hotel has a ice restaurant, an ice pub. The first Ice Hotel in Finland is SnowCastle of Kemi. It is the biggest Ice Hotel in the world. The are double rooms and a suite. Another hotel in Finland is Lainio Village. It is special because it opens every season. It makes no difference if is summer. In Norway there are three Ice Hotels: The first is Ice Lodge, the second is Kirkenes Snow and the third is Sorrissina Igloo Hotel and there is a Ice Bar. The most important one is Ice Lodge in Norway because it is the largest ice hotel and there is a lot of snow. But some people in the world prefer this hotel in Sweden. Its name is Ice Hotel Jukkasjärvi. This Hotel is original and it opens every year. There is an Icehotel Restaurant. It is a good experience and has a modern atmosphere. There are three types of rooms: Warm rooms, Ice rooms and art suites.


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