Posted by: chooxpy | 05/02/2015

Chanel Nº 5

I was at the train station reading a book and I saw a pretty girl. She was talking on her mobile, she was smiling, she looked happy. Then I approached the girl and sat next to her. I thought that she had talked to her boyfriend and I asked her ‘What is your name?’ ‘My name is Rosa,’ she answered. And she smiled at me. She had a beautiful smile. Do you have a boyfriend? I asked. She smiled again and she answered ‘no, I haven’t’. Then she asked me ‘Why are you asking me so many questions?’ I thought for a while and I told her ‘Because you are prety and I like you.’ There was a silence and my train had just arrived. I told her ‘Can I have you phone number?’ ‘of course!’ she answered. I got on the train to work. At work I could not concentrate because I was thinking of that pretty girl all the time… and her name was Rosa… I remember her smell… it was Chanel Nº 5. When I finished work, I phoned her and I told her that I wanted to see her again. We met at a very expensive restaurant, the food was delicious and the waiter was friendly. And the girl? I still remember her scent.


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