Posted by: deboraapa10 | 01/02/2015

Princess Ariel

Ariel is a princess. It is a fictional character created by Walt Disney in 1989. It is a princess based on a mermaid. Her appearance is distinctive: red hair, blue eyes, purple bikini top and a green mermaid tail. Her best friends are Flounder, a fish, and Sebastian, a crab.

Ariel is the daughter of Queen Attena and King Triton, that live in Atlantica. Her main enemy is Ursula, the woman that wants to steal the throne of the king and his magical trident, from any way.

Ariel falls in love with a human prince, Prince Eric, that is why Ursula removes Ariel voice in return of transforming her in a complete human being. Ariel and prince Eric end up together, since the prince Eric doesn’t mind. All the work that Ursula did was useless. They created a family, and they had a baby, princess Melody, a normal princess, she was not a mermaid, she grew in prince Eric’s castle.



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