Posted by: rociocorbelle98 | 29/01/2015

Halloween 5

Once in the tower, the ghost helped all the children to hide from the monster so that he could not see them, because the ghost told them that he would not go to the tower, because the monster did not know of that place. Charles and his friends were terrified. The ghost told them not to be scared, because if it took him a long time to get to the tower, the children could leave their homes. But the monster was ready, he wanted the help of the others monsters who already knew of that place. He ghatered all the monsters to go to the tower and make sure that the children and the ghost were there. Once there, in the tower, each monster hid in a different place. The children saw the monsters and were really frightened because they could not find a way to leave the tower without the monsters hurting them.

click here to read the whole story


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