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Teen Wolf

Teen_Wolf_2011_Title_cardTeen Wolf is an American series about a boy called Scott McCall who has been bitten by a wolfman, and then become one. When Derek (the wolf that bit him) tells him that now he’s a wolf  he doesn’t believe him but Scott feels how he’s changing. So he tells Stiles, his best friend, and he finds information about it. Now Scott has to learn to live with it so that no one realizes that he’s a wolf. The only person that knows it is Stiles, even Scott’s girlfriend, Alison doesn’t know it. He doesn’t want her to know it because her family are wolfman hunters. So Scott tries to have a normal life although it is too difficult to combine his teen life with his wolf life.

The first episode was on 5th June 2011 and the series hasn’t finished yet. Each episode goes on for 40-43 minutes. The original channel in which it was aired was MTV. It has four seasons and each season has twelve episodes.  Except the third season that has two parts so it has twenty four episodes.





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