Posted by: albalopez13 | 21/01/2015

Rio de Janeiro

Montagem_RJRio de Janeiro is one of the biggest cities in the world, its area being number 18 by population. It is situated in the south west of Brazil, a big part of the city has been considered World Heritage Site (because of its beaches, monuments and dense mountain forests). In the past, it was a portuguese colony that became independent (like the rest of Brasil) in 1822.

The weather is hot most of the year having an average temperature between 21 and 27 degrees, but in winter the rain is frequent. This extreme weather makes amazing landscapes.

It’s very atractive for tourists because of having things like: the biggest carnival in the world (celebrated in February), and wide and clean beaches (the most important of which are Copacabana and Ipanema). Also it has plenty of monuments, like Christ the Redemeer, Maracanã stadium, Sugarloaf mountain and Tijuca national park.



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