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On 31 October, the day of Halloween, a group of kids were out to celebrate, they were standing on a street where no one passed by. One of them started to look at a house that was in front of him and he saw some shadows. The boy was named Ismael and told his friends what he had seen.

Then his friends looked where Ismael had seen the shadows and everybody was afraid when they saw that ghost, then they started to run. The ghost didn’t want them to be afraid, he only wanted to make friends, the ghost got very sad. Later he saw a monster had caught Ismael. The ghost saved Ismael and they went to look for the rest of friends. When the ghost and Ismael arrived where they were, all friends hid very fast. Ismael called his friends to come out of hiding…

When their friends came out, Ismael told them that the ghost wasn’t bad, he felt lonely, he just wanted friends. Then his friends accepted the ghost. Ismael told them the story of how the ghost had saved him from the claws of the monster. They all together planned a revenge. They were six, then they divided in groups of two, so that each one could go along a diferent street which carried to the main square. Ismael went with the ghost. They were the first to see the monster, then the others were coming and the monster didn’t have a way to escape.

Ismael and his friends fought against the monster, they connected their forces and managed to debilitate the monster. The monster felt horror and ran away to recover his forces, because he knew that in the future he would come back. The time passed and the ghost gave some his powers to the boys. They practiced but Charles, one of the boys, didn’t know how to develop his powers and his friends helped him. In the end they were superheroes and trained every day, the ghost was pleased for the group of friends. They were waiting because they knew that the monster would come back, then they went to the tower …

Once in the tower, the ghost helped all the children to hide from the monster so that he could not see them, because the ghost told them that he would not go to the tower, because the monster did not know of that place. Charles and his friends were terrified. The ghost told them not to be scared, because if it took him a long time to get to the tower, the children could leave their homes. But the monster was ready, he wanted the help of the others monsters who already knew of that place. He gathered all the monsters to go to the tower and make sure that the children and the ghost were there. Once there, in the tower, each monster hid in a different place. The children saw the monsters and were really frightened because they could not find a way to leave the tower without the monsters hurting them.

The children started to listen to some noises, James another superhero in the group, stepped out of his hiding and was nearly seen by one of the monsters. He told Ismael to activate the traps that they had put to catch the monster. Two of the monsters had located the traps and the net. So, they decided to escape to a safe place. They didn’t have a plan. But they unexpectedly found a tunnel in the bedroom floor. They entered the tunnel. It must have had an exit but age had closed the entrance…

But one of the children, Fer, the child that never talked, for once spoke with his friends. He explained to them that he could open the tunnel. His friends encouraged him to do so, and Fer opened the tunnel. The children gave the monsters the slip, they escaped to a safe place, far from danger. But now Ismael and his friends had to look for the way to return home. The group divided in couples of two children to find the way. After one hour Ismael and Fer saw…

… a road. Ismael and Fer said ‘There’s the road’. For half and hour they were doing hitchhiking until a white van with four men inside stopped. They were road security men. They asked the children what they were doing in that area and then took them to have something to eat and a cup of hot chocolate. They had to be very hungry, the men thought, and then they took them to their homes. The next day all the children went to the park and as they had agreed and there something appeared…

They were sitting at the park when a girl showed up before them. The girl looked at them. The girl was young and beautiful. She had blue eyes, blonde hair and long legs. Her name was Annie. She arrived when Fer was starting to speak. Fer was talking about the tunnel while Ismael spoke with Annie. Ismael told Annie about the night before. She didn’t believe about the tunnel. Ismael told her they could come back into the tunnel. Ismael wanted to impress Annie. But this time they didn’t come back all together, only Ismael, Fer and Annie went there. This night Ismael and Fer picked up Annie and they went to the tunnel. They were walking towards the place when something strange happened.

Annie’s mother offered to give them a lift to the place. On their way to the tunnel Fer felt a strange cold that froze his body,  he felt dizzy and exhausted. They had to stop, Annie had experience with ghosts and knew something bad was about to happen and it certainly happened. Suddenly a noise was heard they tried to leave the car but the door would not open, a voice that said ‘I need a soul or I’ll die in hell’ was heard.

The children were scared to death. Ismael looked for the voice’s source. He saw a reflection opposite him. It was unknown to him. He asked the reflection where it came from and the voice answered: ‘I’ve just met your ghost friend’. Ismael was surprised. ‘He told me to come here and have something to satisfy my soul hunger,’ the voice added. The children started to cry and shout. They forgot about their superpowers and the reflection attacked Annie’s mother. The children tried to escape, but the reflection ate them all.



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