Posted by: brendaretazzi98 | 27/12/2014

The Man in the Park

One day in winter I went to the park with my friend Nataly. We were eating popcorn as we walked to Dickinson’s Park. It was very cold and it was going to start raining. We came to a bench and we decided to sit for a while. A man approached us and he began to talk to us. My friend and I became a bit scared because he had a long black beard, long hair in a ponytail. A six-year-old child was with him holding hands. The child was dressed in long black trousers and a blue T-Shirt. His face was one of fear and crying. We began to be afraid of this man. He did not seem a good person to us. We noticed that the child was kidnapped. We could not let him go. That child was in danger. Why was such a small child with that man?

…to be continued


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