Posted by: amairgin | 16/12/2014

My work this term

by Xosé Alfonso

In this term I didn’t make many projects but they were all new for me. My best work is the radio program Music On Line. I posted this project in Amairgin’s blog, the IES Xoán Montes English students blog. The second project was the wikipedia document The Black Keys. In this project I made a investigation about the wikipedia infobox. And the last work was a literally story about an American boy named Jack who thinks that his parents memory was erased. That is the work that I made in this term. I think that I made it good.

TrollfaceI have very much esteem for my creativity because I need it a lot in all my work as, for example, in the script of the radio program. In the literary project I thought all the story in one day but later I changed it a little bit and I made it thanks to my creativity. Sometimes I need to search some things (like the reason of the colors in the wikipedia infobox) and I can’t find the information because I am very distracted.


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