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Louise’s Disappearance

Once upon a time a little girl, Louise, was with her friend Sarah in a park. They were playing hide and seek. Sarah had to find Louise but she couldn’t. Sarah was looking for her for a long time but she still couldn’t find her. Sarah went to Louise’s house to see if she was there but she was not there either. She was very frightened so she went to Louise’s house to warn her parents. Quite a bit of time later they didn’t know where she was. What they didn’t know was that Louise was hidden in a tree, sleeping dreaming about a weird dream.

That dream was about a man who was trying to catch her, but when the man put his hands on the girl’s face, she woke up. When she looked around, the day had become night and no one was waiting for her in the park. She was alone in the dark night, Louise shouted “Sarah where are you?”, but nobody answered. She was very scared, but what she did not know was that someone was watching her.

Suddenly, Louise listened to a strange noise behind a few shrubs. She wanted to approach the shrub because she thought it was her friend Sarah who was there but she was very afraid of the dark night and of her terrible dream. At Louise’s home her parents were very worried because they didn’t know anything about their daughter. Louise was in the park and couldn’t move because of her fear. She saw a shape in the darkness.

This dark shape was a big dog. She shouted because she thought that he was a kidnapper.

She waited for a moment being completely still as a statue. Then she took the big dog and started to look everywhere for her friend Sarah. The dog followed Louise to Sarah’s house but nobody opened the door. Louise started to scare, but she saw some light on. She left for her home but the way to her home was closed and she had to take another way. She walked back and went the other way, but this way was longer than the other one.

Louise was already halfway when she heard something. But looking around, she saw nothing. She began to fear. Her heart raced while her steps were faster. She felt she had to run, but when she was going to do so, something catched her and stopped her. She tried to scream but she could not. He covered her mouth with a tissue. Louise wanted to breathe, but she fell sleep. The man stuffed her into the boot of a car and drove off.

When Louise woke up, she was tied to a tree and her mouth covered with a scarf. She was very scared. She didn’t know where she was. The place was horrible and cold. In this place she couldn’t see anything, it was terrible. Then she could see a man. She believed that this man would help her. But this man was a bad man and she didn’t know. He was tall, old, less fat than her father and his voice was strong and deep. She could only think in her family, in her house, in her friends and where she was.

After this, Louise had bad dreams and always saw the same place. On one of these occasions she saw the mysterious man and the big dog, the man pushed his hand in Louise’s heart and said the place where she was and Louise woke up. When she woke up she could find nothing nor nobody, she was scared and couldn’t understand anything about her dreams. She has confused. Louise thought she could discover something about this man and her dreams if she went to Sarah’s house. When she was at Sara’s front door she knocked but nobody answered.

The horrible dream finally ended and she couldn’t remember anything. She tried to escape but she realised that she was tied to a tree. Then she saw a guy who was running around there and she asked him for help. He helped her so now she could escape. She wanted to know what had happened so she went to Sarah’s house. She rang the bell but there was no answer, so she tried to enter and realised the door was open. Something was going wrong. When she arrived to her room she saw a note: Sarah is with us, if you want to see her again go to the park at 5 o’clock….

Louise was so scared for her friend. She didn’t want to see the kidnapper again, but a part of her was also a bit curious about who he/she was. She looked at her watch and realized that she had time to go to the park, so she decided to look for some help. But first she walked around Sarah’s house to look for clues. She went into her bedroom and saw that everything was destroyed. After this, she knew that the kidnapper was someone dangerous. She wanted to call the police, but she also thought that doing so she could put Sarah in more danger. What can I do now?, Louise wondered.

… to be continued


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