Posted by: amairgin | 30/11/2014

Music On line (program no. 1 script)

by Xosé Alfonso


Hi. You are now listening to the online radio program “Music Online”. This is the first program of three. I’m XA I’m going to show you all three indie bands that I like so much.
The first one is a band that you all know. They are Imagine Dragons. They are from Las Vegas, Nevada.The current members are Dan Reynolds, Ben Mckee, Wayne Sermon and Dan Platzman. That is one of their songs: Warriors.

[Play Warriors]

The second band is The Black Keys. They are a duo from Akron, Ohio. It is formed by Dan Auerbach (vocals and guitar) and Patrick Carney (Drums). They have 8 albums and the most important one is El Camino. That is my favourite song Little Black Submarines.

[Play Little Black Submarines]

The third and final band is Franz Ferdinand. Franz Ferdinand is a band from Glasgow, Scotland. The current members are Alex Kapranos, Bob Hardy, Nick McCarthy and Paul Thomson. They have 4 albums. The most important one is Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. That is their principal song Do you want to.

[Play Do you want to]

Well this is the end of this program. Next term I’ll be here with more music. Good bye and good luck!


You can listen to this radio program by pressing on this sentence.


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