Posted by: brendaretazzi98 | 29/11/2014

What I did the first term

In the first term I started by working with a radio programme. I did my work with my friend Natalia.

Our work consisted on searching four songs and choosing the four singers and speaking about their lives. We began talking about the singer Rihanna with the song Where have you been and explaining how she started to sing. The second singer we chose was Katy Perry with her song Roar, and we talked  about her life. The third singer was Duffy with the song Mercy, and the fourth Auryn with the song Heartbreaker. The people who listened to the radio every day at 10 am sent emails and we attended their suggestions and played the songs. Once we had all decided and writen we recorded the program with a microphone and the program used was Audacity. It took us two lessons to record. When we had recorded we used several lessons and the computer to organize the programme. The teacher helped us when we where hesitant to cut or paste… And as of today we have completed our work for the first term! It was wonderful with my friend Natalia!


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